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    Folklabel products are infused with life, but in order to sustain the life within them they must fuse with yours!

    Please take them out and show them around your world.

    We care deeply about our products and want to know how they are doing, so report back with your stories, pictures, sketches... or whatever medium you prefer. We are a lifestyle brand that wants style to influence life and life to influence style. We work hard to create high quality products people resonate with, which requires a lot of listening. The collective voice of our customers, lets us know what people like and helps us evolve the direction of our brand.

    How can I be a part of the Folklabel story?

    Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, tweet with us on twitter, be friends with us on facebook and comment on our blog. Not only will you be part of the gang, but you’ll also get all kinds of cool “insider” specials and promotions.

    We are here for you and want to help you accessorize your life, but for us that is a two-way street because we are so driven by the feedback of community… please share your story with us and help shape the future of the Folklabel brand.

    Do you have an amazing story?

    We find design inspiration all over the place… old signs, movies, catch phrases, but the largest source of inspiration we've found are amazing stories. We are just in awe of the life around us and want to reflect that through design. Please share yours with us.